How Dead Norwegian Pets Reach the Afterlife

I got up at 5:20 today, and haven’t stopped since, so I would rather poke my eyes out with a hot stick than sit down and try to write something right now.

You might also be wishing that I never, ever pledged to post daily for thirty days straight; apologies in advance.

In the absence of any other coherent thought, I have decided to pass along a valuable piece of information that I received a couple of days ago.

I had mentioned a dead hamster in a post–“Hamsty”–who was well-photographed before we laid him to rest in a Hamsty-sized sleepsack, with a tiny pillow, in a tiny coffin.

It was tasteful and surprisingly moving for a rodent funeral.

I have recently been informed as to how real Vikings send their dead pets to Valhalla, however:

From which, incidentally, has a lot of interesting ideas. I'll be better prepared when our next pet kicks the bucket.

I’ll be better prepared when our next pet kicks the bucket.

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