How to Survive High School

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Watch The Breakfast Club a minimum of five times.

Cry a lot.

Laugh a lot.

Care a lot less about what other people think.

Keep a journal, but tear out the pages and discard. Burn them, if necessary.

Read something provocative.

Sing in the shower.

Make something cool.

Make a sound track for the following situations: heartbreak, euphoria, failure, disillusionment, creative foundering, despondency, envy, stupid people, kicking ass, revenge, and staring at the ceiling.

Be a good friend to your good friends–including you.

Avoid all long-term consequences: pregnancy, herpes, jail, death, and dismemberment.

Whoever you are, be more so.


A shout out to Mr. Maher and his high school class in San Diego. Every November, he challenges his students to write a 100-word story every day for 30 days. He lets them brainstorm suggested topics, and then writes accordingly throughout the entire month. No exceptions–because he is awesome. I can’t help but be inspired to write a few 100-word stories myself. Surviving high school was yesterday’s topic. Feel free to chime in with your own advice in the comments.

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