Separated at birth?


Diamond 1 flip


Pictured above: one of the foster kittens I had to return yesterday. Miss you, little guy. Wish I could have renamed you, since “Diamond” certainly doesn’t do you justice. (I thought maybe ‘Stache–for half a mustache–or Booger, but no one asked my opinion.) Hoping you’re feeling better soon. Maybe I’ll see you in the SPCA windows at Macy’s this season.

And for those of you who can’t stand cats, I promise not to mention them tomorrow.

What’s at the end of the tunnel, anyway?

I will imagine that instead of staying up late yet again to finish tomorrow's lecture and finish a writing project I need to submit this evening, I am instead sleeping peacefully or walking through the woods.
I will now imagine that rather than staying up late yet again to finish tomorrow’s lecture and a writing project due at midnight, I am instead looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. Or sleeping peacefully.

Someone mentioned to me today, “soon we’ll need to be gearing up for the holidays.”

And I thought, when did we gear down?

Life is flying at such a frantic pace this fall that I honestly don’t believe I can squeeze anything more out of the days. The idea that soon we’ll be juggling what we have plus a boatload more is not particularly appealing.

Must be time to go play with the kittens.

How Kittens will Save the World

Kinney, of the hopelessly incontinent duo Sleater and Kinney.
Kinney. Not pictured: the other half of the hopelessly incontinent duo–Sleater.

It was a crappity day for everyone under my roof.

I counted four meltdowns in our house today, and one of them was mine. I was sending memorial flowers from my family today when I remembered I could not put my Dad’s name on the card–I’ve been a little raw ever since. Though he died in May, I am still trying to wrap my head around the new reality. Evidently grief is neither a smooth nor predictable process.

I also spent 4 1/2 hours driving today–mostly carpool and after school activities–and was consequently unable to finish two crucial projects that are due tomorrow afternoon at the very latest. I am hosed.

Meanwhile, Miss 11 failed a math test, which she had to bring home for me to sign. She has a major project due tomorrow–still unfinished–and a test to study for. Miss 9’s after school activities kept her busy until we arrived home at 6 pm. At that point, she was too tired to approach her long division and decimals without a flood of tears and a complete cranial shutdown.

Luckily, at about 6:15, the spouse got home with a new crop of therapy fuzzballs. We’ve been fostering kittens on and off all fall, which is pretty great unless they have diarrhea or persistent confusion about the litter box. Constantly scrubbing everything with bleach and enzymatic cleaner is less gratifying than petting and snuggling and playing. This batch seems pretty well adjusted, however.

While I cooked dinner, I sentenced the girls to mandatory kitten time, and after dinner, I made myself go down there as well.

I’d write more, but I could use a little more purring.