Fear Factor

Copenhagen Metro escalators from www.wikipedia.org.
Copenhagen Metro escalators from http://www.wikipedia.org.

Thankfully, I outgrew my fear of escalators, because I had to ride them endlessly to entertain my small children on rainy days.

I still a harbor a garden variety of phobias, however:


The dentist




Awkward phone calls

Small, enclosed spaces


Nuclear waste



Teratoma with teeth, or hair, or partially formed limbs, for that matter

I don’t spend much time thinking about any of the above, though.

Lately, my biggest fears–and hopes–are for my children and what may lie ahead for them.

It’s a big, crazy, amazing world.


Posted for today’s Daily Prompt–a strange topic for Thanksgiving.

Published by

Beret Olsen

Writer, photographer, teacher, and part-time insomniac.

7 thoughts on “Fear Factor”

    1. Coping is a perfectly reasonable adaptation. Those teeth at the end! They ate a good 6 inches off the bottom of my friend’s maxi dress. For one anxious minute, I thought she might be left standing in her birthday suit. I pick up my feet and step well clear of those things. I probably look as if I am climbing a couple of imaginary extra steps.


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