Weekly Photo Challenge: The Unexpected

brown paper pkg
They send dry ice home wrapped like a present. Nota Bene: hold the cord, not the paper!

The photographs I chose to include for “The Unexpected” challenge are ones I took to document a science project for my education blog. I was simply trying to capture the procedural steps, but ended up being mesmerized by dry ice and everything about it. Like sublimation, for example:

©2013 Beret Olsen
©2013 Beret Olsen

Or, if you add dish soap and water, the way the potion bubbles for hours.

©2013 Beret Olsen
©2013 Beret Olsen

But the best surprise of all occurred when I left food coloring, soap, and dry ice in a pyrex measuring cup in the sink for a couple of hours…and it grew an ice cave.

©2013 Beret Olsen
©2013 Beret Olsen

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